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Scrapbook Layouts! Cards! Great homemade card ideas! FREE online idea book for card making! Scrapbook cards! Unique handmade cards that are fun and easy to create. Scrapbooking style greeting cards made with scrapbook paper and scrapbook stickers and cutouts by Bisous. Homemade cards for friends, Birthday, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Girlfriends, Baby, Baby annoucement cards, Spring cards, Love, Romance cards, anniversary handmade card ideas, Valentine card ideas, homemade Christmas and holiday cards and greetings.
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Love Wedding
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Spring Days scrapbook layout created by Laura Linda Rudy for Bisous. Made with papers Soft Petals P-051 BACK and P-050 and Faux Lilac Vellum BACK
Fall layout designed by Melyss Connolly and made with Bisous papers P-045 Impressionist Fall BACK, P-046 Moss Curls BACK and Fall Stickers S-012 Fast Fun FREE ideas for scrapbooking online!
Almost 3 Little Boy layout designed by LibbyJo Madarasz for Bisous and made with Bisous Faux Olive Vellum paper P-041 BACK
Journey To Me Scrapbook Layout created with Bisous Papers  Moss Curls, Impressionist Moss, Earth Circles BACK, Palm Trees & Coconuts BACK , Stone Letters and letters from Father CUTouts.Wonderful FREE online ideas for creating simple scrapbook pages by Bisous.
Desirable scrapbook page layout made with Bisous scrapbooking papers Bows & Plaid BACK, and Rose Curls. Creative unique simple fast ideas for scrapbooking.
Layout L-262
Layout L-266
Layout L-265
"Almost 3"
Layout L-257
"Journey to Me"
Layout L-269
Active Young Girl scrapbook layout idea created with Bisous papers Faux PinkyO Vellum and PinkyO Circles. Font is Baskerville Old Face Creative unique fun ideas for scrapbooking FREE!
Artist scrapbook page sample made with Bisous cardstock papers Renaissance Blue, Fleu de Lys Stripe. Easy fast fun ideas for scrapbook layout by Bisous
Family page scrapbook layout idea made with Bisous scrapbooking papers Faux Blue Green Vellum, Burlap & Plaid (BACK solid blue color) Moss Curls, Aqua Circles. Simple fast modern family scrapbook page layout ideas by Bisous
PDQ Ocean Orange Plate 4 side B Sample Layout by Deb Wisinski
PDQ Ocean Orange Plate 5 side A Sample Layout by Deb Wisinski
Layout L-285
"Just Jump"
Layout L-286
Layout L-287
"Being Auntie"
Layout L-357

Layout L-356

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