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Today You Made Me Happy
designed by Suzanne Carillo

Materials Required:

1 sheet of Antique Word Printables

2 sheets cardstock 1 brown, 1 cream

Fancy edge scissors

Inks and Embellishments, stickers, chipboard etc.


1. Print out cards onto heavy weight matte high quality paper and cut out images.

Printable word cards

2. Cut the cream paper with edger scissors so you have a nice bubble edge all around. Adhere on top of brown cardstock.

3. Choose which cards you want to us and center them on sheet, without adhearing, keeping in mind open areas for 3 photos. Use a ruler and pencil to draw light guide lines for stitching inbetween the cards. Remove cards and stitch lines.

4. Start making your card collages. Each card should be considered a little page of it's own. Take some time and use up your stash of embelllishments.

5. Use your 1 card as a template to trace your photos so they are the proper size.

6. Glue everything onto layout and add title.



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Layout sample page

Scrapbook layout sample page

You Made Me Happy Today









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