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Baby Congrats or Annoucement Card
Card Making Project for Free!  Great card for babies!  Congratulations  or Annoucement Card idea!  Baby Shower Card Project.  Great for scrapbooking and card making classes! Shaker box idea for scrapbooking and card making by Bisous (bee-zoo) Bee Creative!
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Materials Needed: Bisous Aqua Circles paper cut to 10" x 5" folded almost in half leaving a small band of blue showing at bottom from inside of card. This is your card base. Bisous Stars & Hearts paper. One 4" x 4"piece of dark blue card stock, Sleepy Time Cutouts, Confetti Stars, clear wrapping paper cut to 4.25"x 4.25", mini foam mounting squares, glue dots, white or silver gel pen.
Method: Cut out bear & 2 stars from Sleepy Time Cutouts. Cut a 4.5 x 4.5 square from star background of Star & Hearts paper. Mount bear and stars in middle of this using glue dots. Line foam squares around bear creating a raised border for shaker box.

Lay star confetti inside and then top with clear wrapping paper sticking down to foam squares to close shaker box. Trim. Cut a
3"x 3" square in middle of dark blue card stock. Write Heaven is missing a Star in silver or white gel pen as shown. Mount on top of bear shaker box to frame the shaker box. Mount onto outside of folded card. You can use this either as an annoucement card or a congratulations card by writing inside whatever best suits your needs. Till next month....keep bee-in' creative with Bisous!