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Christmas Gift Box
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This lovely gift box is a great gift for dinner guests. You can also use it as a small stocking stuffer when filled with chocolates or cookies. Have a joyous Christmas!

Materials Needed: Bisous Bows & Plaid Paper, Bisous Christmas Stockings Cutouts, Red Ribbon, Glue, Box Pattern.
Print out box pattern here onto card stock. Trace pattern onto backside of Bows and Plaid paper. You can also print the pattern directly onto the Bows and Plaid paper, make sure to print onto the solid side of your paper. Allow 5-10 minutes for the ink to dry. Cut out pattern and fold as indicated. Punch holes in the top of the two hearts and tie closed with ribbon. Cut out "Joy" tag from Bisous Christmas Stockings Cutouts and attach to front of box with glue. If you are using this as a gift tag you can attach the tag with more ribbon and write the name of the giver and receiver on the back of the tag in pigma pen.

Great Gift Box Idea!  Free printable gift box pattern for chocolates, party favors and dinner guests.  From Bisous (bee-zoo)  Bee Creative!