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Materials Needed: Bisous Faux Pink Yellow Vellum paper, pattern for duck
download here ,letter stamps, 1 darker yellow, 1 lighter yellow, 1 orange, 1 white piece of cardstock, black pigma pen, fun foam, glue stick.

Easter Card
1. Cut a 4" x 10" piece from the white card stock and fold in half.
2. Cut a 4" x 5" piece from Faux Pink Yellow Vellum with stripes running vertically.
3. Adhere to front of card.
4. Cut a 3/4"x 5" strip from Faux Pink Yellow Vellum with stripe running horizontally.
Cut a slightly smaller strip of fun foam and glue this onto the back.
6. Stamp the letters EASTER onto the Faux Pink Yellow Vellum in different areas so you get different colors as shown. PSX antique Uppercase alphabet stamps and Stayz-on-Ink were used here but you can use whatever stamps you have. Allow ink to dry completely.
7. Punch out letters with a 1/2" circle punch.
8. Glue onto strip as shown.
9. Print duck body paper piecing pattern and cut out duck body and 1 wing from dark yellow card stock.
10. Cut out beak from orange cardstock.
11. Cut second wing from lighter yellow card stock.
12. Glue dark wing on body and lighter wing on top of that. Image can also be chalked or sanded slightly to create more depth.
13. Draw black dot for eye and nostril.
14. Glue completed duck onto card about 1.5" from bottom of card.
15. Glue on strip with "EASTER" so it just slightly covers the bottom of the duck.
Easter card idea. Home made Easter card sample created by LibbyJo Madarasz Bisous design team member. Fun easy quick beautiful Easter card to make at home.
Designed by LibbyJo Madarasz this sweet Easter card is a joy to make and give this holiday
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