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Materials Needed for Father's Day Scrapbook Layout:

- 1 piece Sand Stones Bisous double sided scrapbook paper trimmed to 11.75" x 11.75" (using BACK)
- 1 piece 5" x 5.5" Impressionist Earth Bisous double sided scrapbook paper
- 1 piece torn to 5.5" x 1.75" of BACK of Faux Olive Vellum Bisous paper
- 1 piece of dark brown or dark burgandy 12" x 12" card stock
- 1 page Bisous Father's Cutouts
- 1 sm piece of 4" x 3" vellum or transparency to print journalling onto
- twine
- 2 larger and 1 small brownish/cream buttons
- 4.5" x 1.5"piece of burlap frayed at sides
- dark brown embroidery floss
- straight pin
- 2 silver brads
- sandpaper (fine)
- small piece of raffia
-glue, brown chalk and applicator

Method: :
1. Cut out the letters "D" "D" "A",hats, another letter ( I chose my father's first initial) one of the squares with the shoes and the journalling square "Whose Strong Hands..." from your page of cutouts. Lightly chalk all the edges except on the hats graphic. Cut the hat graphic so it is 5" in length and sand the one edge that is cut so it matches the other edges. Glue to paper as shown, about .75" from top and .5" from left edge.
2. Tear a strip from the BACK of Faux Olive Vellum and scrunch up in your hands. Flatten again and then rub lightly with sandpaper. In doing this, the sandpaper will only pick up on your "scrunched" up areas and it'll make the paper look worn. Glue onto paper about 1.5" from bottom and .25" from left side of paper as shown.
3. Glue "Whose Hands" graphic centered on top of torn piece of paper. Attach straight pin on left side and brad and button on right side. Use dark brown embroidery floss on 2 corners to "tack" down graphic and sew on right side with floss.
4 . It is best to print your photos onto Espson Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper to work with since it is much easier to sand and chalk photos on paper. Sand main photo (4" x 4.5") on edges. Glue onto 5"x 5.5" piece of Impressionist Earth. Miter corners 1/4" (tear or cut at an angle on each corner) and then roll in edges of paper to create a frame around your photo. Glue onto page as shown, about 4" from bottom and 1" from left side. Punch two small holes with needle on left upper and lower corners of photo and thread through twine and tie on left inside of rolled photo frame.
5. Sew on "DAD" letters, buttons and burlap onto page as shown using twine.
6. Chalk other photo ( 5" x 3.5" )to be placed below hats and glue onto page.
7. Sand smallest photo on edges (3.5" x 2.5")
8. Print journalling onto transparency and use 2 small glue dots to attach to sheet. These glue dots will be covered when you glue down your last photo.
9. Glue on last photo so it covers your glue dots or glue on transparency or vellum.
10. Attach 2" piece of raffia with glue and brad as shown.
11. Glue on last letter and last "shoe and clock" graphic squares as shown.
12. Mount finished page onto cardstock so that it creates a frame for the page.

Father's Day Layout
Father's Day scrapbooking layout idea.  Awesome layout ideas for Dads, Grandpas and the guys in your life. Classic style and easy to create. All by Bisous (bee-zoo) BEE creative!
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Designed by Suzanne Carillo
Artist Suzanne Carillo
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