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Unique ideas & creative solutions for scrapbooking, card making and crafting is what this page is all about. We'll be presenting new ideas monthly and will archive previous ones for reference. What an awesome project we have this month! A perfect gift for Dad, Mom, family or friends who are coffee or tea drinkers. This coffee/tea tumbler is so simple and fun to create you'll want to make a whole bunch! The best thing is that it's practical and changeable, so, if you decide you can keep the same tumbler and just change your design whenever you like.
Awesome coffee or tea thermos, cup tumbler that keeps your memories alive and your drinks hot! Follow these easy directions to create your own unique piece of practical coffee/tea wear. Always cool, unique, fun crafting and scrapbooking ideas by Bisous!
Fantastic fun creative scrapbooking and crafting ideas! Create a coffee cup thermos, tumbler that keeps your photos and memories alive! It's so easy!

Finished Coffee Tumbler
Scrapbooking and craft ideas! Great coffee or tea cup, tumbler project. Practical and fun to make this coffee cup tumbler keeps the coffee hot and lets people keep their memories with them!Awesome craft scrapbooking idea! Coffee cup tumbler that's like a scrapbook page! Makes a great gift and is so easy to make!
Designed by Suzanne Carillo

Materials Needed:

1 coffee tumbler with changeable insert. (I bought mine at Starbucks and they had a bunch of different sizes as well.)
1 sheet Pastel Garden Bisous double sided paper
1 sheet of Bisous" Friends" and" Bunny Busines" stickers
eyelet and metal cord for tag
matching ribbon

This shows the completed template prior to inserting back into the coffee tumbler.
1. Trace around the template that comes with your tumbler onto the back side of Pastel Garden. Cut out. This is your "background".
2. Cut out different photos and mount onto white cardstock and create a collage of photos on your "background".
3. Add stickers to the collage where there are open spaces. Glue everything in place. In addition, you can include phrases or quotations that you print out on your computer printed on vellum or transparency.
4. Once collage is complete trim off any edges that overlap the template and insert into the tumbler as indicated on directions for tumbler.
Seal tumbler by scewing bottom back on.
5. The tag was created with scrap paper and another sticker. A matching eyelet and metal cord were attached to tag and the ribbon was tied around the finished tumbler.
Be careful to let the recipient of this tumbler know that it should always be hand washed and should never be micro waved.
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