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Unique ideas & creative solutions for scrapbooking, card making and crafting is what this page is all about. We'll be presenting new ideas monthly and will archive previous ones for reference. What a beautiful project idea we have this month. This shabby chic Life's Journal was created by our newest design team member Melyssa Connolly. It's easy to create and looks sophisticated and polished once it's finished. It would make a great gift, but once you complete you probably will want to keep it for yourself!
Gorgeous scrapbook journal idea! Follow these easy directions to create your own travel journal to keep memories of the places you've been, dreams of where you would like to visit, or give it as personal journal gift to someone special. Visit again next month for more great free scrapbooking, card making and crafting ideas!
Bisous design team member Melyssa Connolly

Designed by Melyssa Connolly
Finished Travel Journal
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Life is a Journey Journal idea created by Melyssa Connolly for BisousInside of scrapbook journal showing bookmark and writing pad. Designed by Melyssa Connolly and made with Bisous CUTouts and papers for scrapbooking.

Materials Needed:

12"x12" Bisous Faux Blue Vellum (P-062) (back)
12"x12" Impressionist Leaves (P-308)
Paris CUTouts
5 x 8 note pad
Blue cardstock
White cardstock

This shows the front of the journal and then the journal open displaying the finished inside along with a bookmarker.
1 . Cut the patterned paper 8 x 12 inches.
2. Working on the inside or back side of the patterned paper measure
a long the width of the paper and score at 10 inches, 10.25 inches and 10.5 inches. This creates 2 equal rectangles (which will become the front and inside pocket of the journal) and 2 narrow rectangles the centre one being about the thickness of the journal (the spine of the cover) and the other is about 2 inches wide (glue your journal or note pad to this strip).
3.To create the pocket on the inside of the journal:
Measure half way down the top of the journal and cut off the top piece, fold this over on the inside of the paper and glue along the edge and bottom, leaving the top open.

Cut out the desired Bisous labels.
Cut a piece of white cardstock 3.5 x 4.5 inches and tear the bottom.
Matte in blue cardstockand tearing the bottom.
Matte again on Bisous Impressionist Leaves patterned paper.
Wrap the fibres around the mattes.
Add matching brads to the corners and glue the whole piece to the journal front
Add the word cut outs and print or stamp on title as shown.

Journal diagram instructions.

.Journal instructions diagram.

To view a larger version click on image.
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