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Scrapbooking Calendar Idea-November 2004
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FREE November Thanksgiving Calendar scrapbook project idea! Includes full easy instructions and FREE printable scrapbooking graphics! by Bisous
November Calendar Project created by Melyssa Connolly
Melyssa Connolly Bisous design team member.

What a fantastic way to keep track of the days of November with this awesome calendar designed by Melyssa Connolly. A beautiful keepsake and a great gift this calendar marks the important days of the month with little a cute Turkey, a realistic looking Veteran's Day tag with addtional pockets designed to keep momentos, photos or notes of your days during the month. The FREE printable header, numbers and days of the week can be used on their own as well in layouts, cards or on other paper crafting projects. Look for another awesome calendar for Christmas we hope to bring you next month!

Design Team Member Melyssa

Materials Needed: November Calendar
1 sheet of 12x12 Bisous Sand Stones P-044 (front)
1 sheet Bisous Brown-Sand P-032(back)
1 sheet Bisous Green-Faux Forest Vellum P-025 (back)
1 sheet Bisous FALL stickers
1 sheet 12x12 vellum
Pencil & eraser
Vellum tape
Exacto knife
Printed FREE Bisous Calendar topper
Printed FREE Bisous turkey paper piercing
Printed FREE Bisous days and numbers
Sewing machine
2 eyelets
Black waxy flax
Small pieces of orange, brown and rich red card stock (for turkey)
Tin foil, small hook chain for Veteran's Day tag
Sand paper

1. Tags-punch 31 tags with EK Success "Whale of a Punch" tag from the Brown Sand P-032 paper (back) approximately 4.5x2.5cm
. If you do not have this punch you can use the pattern supplied with our FREE printable turkey paper piercing pattern.
2. Cut a piece of vellum 9 x 12. You will need to create 6 rows (days of the week and the numbers of the week) and 7 columns (for the days of the weeks). Measure and lightly draw vertical lines on the vellum at: 4,8,12.5,17,21.5, and 26cm.
3. Measure and lightly draw horizontal lines starting from the bottom and working up at: 4.5, 8.5, 12.5, 18.5, 21.5 and 23cm. This will create 35 squares that measure 1.5x1.5 inches. The top row is narrower for the days of the week and you still have a larger space at the top for the header.
4 . Cut small amounts of vellum tape and adhere the outer edges of the vellum to the Sand Stones paper P-044 (front). Do not put any on the top edge.

5. Starting in the middle vertical row stitch from the top to bottom **Leave the top row unstitched (this is where you will be putting the days of the week).
Stitch all the rows and columns starting with the middle row and working your way out. (This way your vellum sews flat on the patterned paper and does not pucker or twist).
6. Once all the squares are sewn, flip the paper over and pull the treads to the back, tie them and cut off the excess threads.

7. To makes the opening for each pocket measure down 1cm from the stitched lines and gently cut openings in the vellum with an ex-acto knife. (You may need to re-trace your lines with the ex-acto knife to cut completely through the vellum, be careful not to cut through the paper).
**Be very careful, you may have to go over your lines a few times to cut completely through the don't want to cut the paper that's behind the vellum.

8.Print and cut out Bisous FREEBEE numbers for the days of the month and glue to each tag, slipping the tags into their pockets.

9. Cut out days of the week from Bisous FREEBEE and glue to top of each column as shown.

10.Print the calendar topper from Bisous FREEBEE, cut and glue the topper to the layout as shown.
Use the two stickers "Thanks" "Giving" from the page of Bisous Fall Stickers and mount on left side of top of calendar as shown.
11. Cut a 6-¼ inch x 1inch strip from Green Faux Forest Vellum P-025 (back), sand the edges and mat with back of Sand P-032 paper. Add eyelet and waxy flax on the ends and apply the
stickers as desired from Bisous Fall Sticker page. (I used "FALL" and "with every leaf" stickers). Glue this piece to the bottom right hand corner of the calendar as shown.
12. Print the Bisous FREEBEE paper piercing pattern (designed by Melyssa Connolly) and cut the pieces for the turkey from the colored cardstock as indicated and place him on the tag for Thanksgiving Day.

13. To make the Veterans Day tag glue tin foil to cardstock and punch or cut out a dog tag shape.


Click here for Nov Header

Click here for Nov days of weeks and numbers

Click here for paper piercing pattern
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