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Easter paper bag mini scrapbook album including complete instructions and photos.
Easter Scrapbook Paper Bag Album
February 2005

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Fun Easter scrapbooking book made from paper bags! Created with scrapbooking papers, stickers and CUTouts by Bisous.
Inner "pull-out" page from Easter paper bag booklet. This shows both the front and the back of the same "pull-out" page.

This lunch bag album is so much fun! Designed by Suzanne Carillo it has been created using brown paper lunch bags with their bottoms cut off. Once you make one of these books you'll be hooked! Don't let it's demure size fool you, there is space for 8 additional pull out double sided mini pages to be tucked by twos into each "bag" opening. Make it with as many pages as you like. Each paper bag is one page and has 2 pockets because of the folds in the bag.. Use different colored paper bags to create different albums! If you're giving this as a gift you can also hide gifts such as movie tickets, theater tickets or dinner reservations inside each pocket.

Materials Needed: February Paper Bag Booklet/Album

4-6 paper lunch bags 1/page
Assorted Bisous papers
Papers used in this project:
Eggs, Moss Curls, Lilac Curls, Candy Stripe & Plaid, Impressionist Leaves, Purple Circles, Faux Lilac Vellum, Mauve Petals & Pastel Circles

Bisous Easter Hats & Easter Blessings Stickers
Bisous NEW Easter Expressions CUTouts
Assorted matching ribbons, eyelets, & buttons.


1. Cut off the bottoms of your lunch bags so that they are 5" x 7". These are now your "pages" with pockets.

2. The "top" of each lunch bag will remain open. The bottoms can either be sewn shut, glued shut, or left as they are. When we bind your book it will close off this opening.

3. Decorate each page with papers, stickers, CUTouts, ribbons and buttons as shown. Decide which page you want to be your front and which page will be your back. Remember to leave your opening for each page "pocket" don't sew directly on the paper bag or you'll sew your pocket shut. Do not decorate you page too close to the edge you will be binding. You need about 1/4" on each page (left hand side when book is closed) to bind your book.

4. Cut a piece of paper to 5 1/4" x 12". This will be your binding. Accordian fold this every 1/2". You will end up with little folds. Insert one bag between 2 folds. This method of binding allows your book to lay flat once it is opened. Punch holes through accordian folds with bag pages in place. Attach with eyelets, brads or ribbons. You can also sew your bags in place rather than punching holes in them. Repeat steps with each page.

5. You can now decorate the pull out pages of your album. These are sized at
5 3/4" x 6". Use the index tabs on these as well as ribbons so you are able to pull them out easier.

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