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Altered Clock by Jill Brush
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Jill Brush Bisous' Featured Designer

As soon as I saw the PDQ Rad Circle paper, I KNEW immediately I was going to make a clock out of it. The size of the circle was perfect, and I knew I wouldn't even have to create a pattern!

I had a boring clock sitting around the house so I didn't have to go out and buy one, but any old clock from a thrift store would do! The hardest part of this whole project was finding a screwdriver small enough to unscrew the tiny screws in the back of the clock! Everything else was simple simple simple, and it literally took me less than 20 minutes to create this from start to finish.

Materials Required: (time required about 20 minutes)

-PDQ Rad paper 5 side A
-Rad chipboard shapes
-rub-on numbers or sticker numbers

Cool fun easy altered clock designed by Jill Brush made with Bisous PDQ Rad paper 5 side A and Rad chipboard shapes.


- Unscrew back of clock, take all the clock pieces out, and use the clocks GLASS as a template to cut the circle to the right size.

- Once the paper is cut, instead of taking the clock hands off and taking the front of the clock completely apart simply use a ruler and cut a straight line with an exacto knife from the middle of the circle on the Rad paper down to the bottom end of the circle. The slit will be so small it's unnoticeable.

- Cut a small circle in the center of the circle to go around the clock hands.

- Before placing the paper on the clock, rub on your rub-on's or sticker numbers. Line up the 6 with the slit in the paper. Use a ruler straight up the middle to position the 12 in the right place. Then add on the 3 and nine in the right spots, and the other numbers in between accordingly till done
- Chipboard is now added with arrows pointing clockwise around the clock, and a chipboard flower with no center is positioned in the middle of the center circle to cover up the hole that was cut for the clock hands. Slice a slit down the flower as well and position it directly over the slit in the paper so that the whole piece of paper can now slide onto the clock and around the clock hands without difficulty. Adhere with adhesive or double sided tape.

- Put the glass back in the clock frame, and then the clock, and screw the whole thing back together, and voila, you're done!



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