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Things To Do Chalkboard
designed by Melissa O'Neill
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Materials Required:

Cardboard piece
Chaklboard Decal
Bisous PDQ Delight Paper
Bisous PDQ Yum! chipboard

Method described by Melissa:

1. I bought a piece of thick cardboard from the Hardware store, so the size of your project will depend on the size of your back piece. I also bought a "Things to do" decal made out of Chalkboard, they are all the rage now, being found here in Target in the Home Decor section and it was not expensive at all. I stuck the decal to the back piece of thick cardstock.

2. I started at the bottom of the board and chose Paper 1 side B of the gorgeous "delight" kit, I fussy cut around the gorgeous swirl at the side, I stuck the pink piece of the paper down firmly but left the flourish swirls to hang loosley and appear 3'd against the backdrop piece.

3. I cut Paper 1 side a clock embellishments out of the same range and then to minimise the width over the blackboard section I separated them and stuck it just under the loose flourishes on the bottom left of the chalkboard.

4. I cut the huge green shield in half that appears on the same paper (Paper 1, side A, delight kit). Once again I cut it in half to reduce the interference on the chalkboard surface. and also used the Geisha lady cut out of delight's Paper 2 side B and 3d'd this over the green shield and cut the butterfly that appears on Paper 1 side A out and 3d'd it also just above the Geisha girl's head.

5. I used 2 gorgeous chip shapes from the "YUM" range to decorate each side in the middle of the board.

6. From the top I cut around the entire grouping of embellishments in the paper from Paper 2 Side B of the "delight" kit again I stuck down the top part of the paper but left the edges loose of glue so I can curl them up to give them a 3'd effect.

7. To finish I fussy cut 2 butterflies, one out of Paper 1 side B (delight kit) and the other out of Paper 4 side B (delight kit). I inked around the entire edge of the chalkboard and wella, a packet of colourful chalk and a duster and I fantastic present for any age recipient.



Things To Do chalkboad home decor project by Melissa O'Neill



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