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Easter Basket Pop Out Card
Hope Your Easter Basket is Full of Love and Happy Memories
Free Card Making Project for Easter!

Let your imagination bee inspired with Bisous free printable card making graphics and bee creative! Till next time...have a wonderful Easter

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Free Craft and Card Project for Easter!
Inside of Card
Outside of Card

Create a beautiful 3D Easter basket greeting card! Here's how: materials needed: 1 sheet yellow, white and purple card stock, glue, glue dots, ribbon, embroidery floss. Print off free graphics on white card stock. Cut out images. Trim the yellow and purple card stocks to 11 x 5.5". Cut an extra square for front of card out of yellow cardstock 4.5 x 5".Mount this onto the front of the card & stitch around it with embroidery floss in pale pink or white. Glue yellow cardstock flush to inside of card to cover up the stitching. Glue bunny in center of right side. Fold flaps of basket underneath and attach ribbon to basket. Glue flaps of basket to center of outside of the card allowing space for stuffing. Use a glue dot to attach handle of basket to card. Insert Easter basket filling behind basket and insert eggs attaching each with a glue dot.