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Girlfriend Card
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Materials Needed: Candy Stripe and Plaid Bisous Paper, one 8.5 x 11 piece of pink card stock, Friends 4-Ever Cutouts, Magik Glitter, Beadie Beads, wire, mini brads, beads, popdots.
Method: Cut out butterfly from 4-Ever Friends Cutouts & use a small piece of wire to create antennas and glue to back of butterfly. Fold card stock in half. Cut a 3"x 3" square in front of card. From Candy Stripe & Plaid paper cut out a square 4"x 4". Cut a square hole in this square 2.75" x 2.75". Mount this with popdots to outside of card so it frames the cutout square. Tear 1 piece from Candy Stripe & Plaid for lower portion of card and upper corners. Glue to card. String beads and Beadie Beads onto wire spelling out girlfriend. Attach 2 brads to card and wrap wire around brads to attach beads to card. Use Magik Glitter on outside frame around edges. Allow to dry.
Cut another square 3.5"x 3.5" from Candy Stripe & Plaid and glue to inside of card so that it     appears in "window".Use Magik Glitter around     edges of paper. Mount butterfly with popdots

Print out "You've Got Style" in font "Girls are Weird". Tear this into a strip and chalk edges and then glue to inside of card.Now you've got a wonderful keepsake gift card to give to your favorite girlfriend. You Go Girl!